No Web design company is without its portfolio of technologies -- it's how we translate your concept or business need into a functioning Web site. We favor ==*==nix Web servers unless there is a specific requirement to use a different technology. Here is a partial list of important technologies we use:

Ruby on Rails. Rails is a great framework for creating Web apps, and is well worth the investment because of the rapidity of development. While it's easy to think fast means sloppy, Rails has a philosophy of test-driven development wrapped into it. This testing is unrivaled by any other Web application framework. We take the testing/quality stuff a couple of steps further by wrapping in client-driven stories and Behavior Driven Development.

PHP for Unix and Linux platforms. This technology allows for serving dynamic content that is flexible and can often scale according to your needs.

AJAX and Web 2.0. Again, a darling of this generation, the AJAX technology and "Web 2.0" moniker allow us to build more responsive Web applications.

ASP (Active Server Pages) and ASP.NET for Windows Servers. These allow us to create flexible, scriptable Web pages that respond to your needs and the needs of your customers.

Javascript/Coffeescript/React/Meteor. This scripting technology allows us to create behavior in your browser such as buttons that light up when you pass the mouse over them or forms that check that the correct information is entered before you submit them. In connection with the jQuery, YUI, or any number of other Javascript frameworks, we can now do zippy things with Web pages like scrolling images in a gallery, expand and collapse sections, and more. With React and Meteorlive updating of elements based on the state of other parts of the application become possible.

Database technology. Many Web applications can be made more flexible and functional by keeping the information in a database. We can make the recommendation for you when we analyze your project. Among the databases we use are Microsoft SQL Server, MySQL and SQLite.

QA technologies. We employ automated tools for repeatable testing (quality assurance) of Web sites we create.

Web placement technologies. We use the leading tools for placing our Web sites with the top search engines.